Tree Health

Fungi’s and Disease-

If you notice any fruiting bodies (Fungi) on the trees stem or around the base of a tree you should contact an Arborist to make a judgement on the health of the tree. Fruiting bodies are one of the final phases of a disease and the damage and effects of the disease maybe hidden within the trees stem or roots and maybe hiding a serious defect within the trees structure.

Crown Die Back-

If you notice the Trees crown dying then please contact M.Y.Trees to come and do an inspection as this may be due to causes such as disease, soil compaction or insect infestation.

Weak Unions-

Certain tree limb unions can be weak due to rot and decay or simply due to a structural defect. If you can see weak unions please consider this as a danger,which can be rectified  either by removing one of the limbs or by bracing the limbs together.(eg COBRA bracing)