Preventative work

This is an important part of owning a tree and essential for minimising danger and costs in the long term. Your Tree is your responsibility!

When a tree is in a residential area, the possibilities of unforeseen problems occurring such as branches breaking or trees failing and the results of such scenarios on neighbours  and their properties increase hugely so the key is Prevention. Obviously there are acts of God which cannot be predicted but generally a well maintained tree is the best way to avoid such situations form occurring.

Thinning of a Tree’s Crown-

There are two main important reasons for the thinning of a trees crown.Firstly, for reducing the “Sail Effect” (the amount of wind hitting a dense surface) on the tree and therefore reducing the strain on the branches within the trees crown and the crown as a whole, and secondly to remove cross branches which create friction and can often lead to branches failing/breaking. You have certain percentages of thinning e.g- 20%,30% and these relate to the amount of branches removed,but please note that to much thinning can increase the epicormic growth rate substantially or leave the tree looking too bare.

A third reason for having a tree thinned is for aesthetic purposes. A well thinned crown not only reduces possible risk but also can make the tree look fantastic and add more ambient light to the surrounding area.

Dead Wooding-

This is a very important procedure especially with older trees which naturally die back over the years. Falling Dead wood is major hazard for person and property and if you observe any in your tree you should contact an Arborist immediately to remove said branches. Also dead wood can be a sign of the tree being unhealthy so maybe observe the tree’s base looking for possible Fungi’s.

Crown Reduced Trees or Pollards-

Trees which have been Pollarded or have had their crowns reduced over time can create weak points which can fail. Its is important to have trees inspected or re-reduced or re-pollarded to avoided limbs from breaking or splitting.

Compost and soil compaction-

Do refrain from leaving compost piles beneath the tree. This can cause disease to spread through the soil and effect the trees roots. Also over compaction of the soil around the trees roots can effect the amount of water intake the tree gets and can have serious effects on the health of the tree.